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safe1613703 artist:cheezedoodle96822 artist:hunterz263116 artist:jhayarr231076 artist:slb941114 artist:undeadponysoldier572 fluttershy202819 inky rose475 moonlight raven420 spike75676 starlight glimmer45567 oc625748 oc:foalita13 dragon50776 earth pony215321 pegasus256612 pony881334 unicorn284454 alternate hairstyle25638 angry24957 clothes425178 collar30148 dead tree324 dead trees11 dragons in real life26 dress41081 ear piercing23092 earring18913 edgelight glimmer120 eyeliner942 female1284455 filly61523 fluttergoth739 goth1925 gothic eyeliner17 gothlight glimmer1 house2042 irl67964 jewelry55113 lidded eyes28181 looking at you152225 makeup19073 male343113 mansion82 mare438741 photo76358 piercing36877 ponies in real life5115 raised hoof40651 teenage glimmer72 tree29118 victorian154 victorian mansion2


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