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Before you say anything, I know some of the images are not in the correct resolution but that's besides the point. The point being, is that here are my boyfriends if the mane 6 ever wanted to date somepony.

Rainbow Dash X Gizmo
I know Rainbow Dash may not like eggheads like Gizmo but I'm sure he'll be impressed with her moves (I.E. Sonic Rainboom), being playful, and reading Daring Do books.

Pinkie Pie X Discord
They both love to break fourth walls and go nonsensical.

Rarity X Thunderlane
It seems like Rarity is the most loved pony as she would be impressed by every of his move. Plus, a tough guy like Thunderlane is just exactly what Rarity needs.

Twilight Sparkle X Flash Sentry
I think everybody agrees with me on this one. I just cannot imagine Twilight being with anypony else besides Flash Sentry.

Fluttershy X Open Skies
(Captain Obvious Alert) They are both Pegasi ponies and I think both of them may counsel and connect with each other when the tough times roll.

Applejack X Donut Joe
They are both into food industry and with them together they can come up with even more ideas.
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