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"There is no wrong way to fantasize, Twilight."
safe1598077 artist:devfield114 starlight glimmer45031 trixie63340 twilight sparkle285795 alicorn202169 pony867473 unicorn278097 blushing179514 boop6878 button837 crystal2387 door3718 female1271105 glow3981 lesbian91066 mare431621 plushie22291 shadow3749 shiny2067 shipper on deck1379 shipping185996 show accurate11521 smiling220641 solo990644 startrix2653 table8413 toy21156 twilight sparkle (alicorn)117141 twilight the shipper63 twilight's castle3377


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like the case of the human versions of Trixie and starlight glimmer who were playing with the plushies of themselves when twilight was to be playing with the plushies of the pair.
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Background Pony #C0B9
"We need you, Twilight!"
"Knock on my door! Knock next time!"
"Okay, Twilight."
"Did you see anything?"
"No, Twilight, I didn't see you playing with your dolls again!"
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