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(Some backstory) For a while, Trixie and Starlight had a relatively good relationship. That is, until Trixie was seeing other ponies behind her back. She eventually caught her and broke up with her. Starlight was very heartbroken, until one day she found one of Twilight's friends, Moondancer. Starlight found out the same thing had happened to her with Comet. They decided they became good friends, and Moondancer asked if she would pretend to date her to see if Comet would become jealous. They did, but eventually their fake feelings became real, and they began to date for real.


Full Name: Stardust Afterglow
Nicknames: Stardust, Starry, Dusty
Gender: Female
Species: Unicorn
Special Talent: Experimenting with magic
Parents: Starlight Glimmer and Moondancer
safe1556967 artist:awoomarblesoda137 moondancer4351 starlight glimmer43055 oc595084 oc:stardust afterglow1 pony828171 unicorn258324 base used14981 female881229 glasses53963 glimmerdancer15 lesbian91373 magical lesbian spawn10428 mare405122 offspring33664 parent:moondancer310 parent:starlight glimmer1114 parents:glimmerdancer3 shipping181699 simple background338402 transparent background176384


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