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safe (1447529)edit (101604)vector edit (1821)princess luna (88793)spike (69523)alicorn (167984)pony (715318)ponyar fusion (126)ethereal mane (4868)female (776945)fusion (3596)hoof shoes (3030)mare (345876)palette swap (1032)recolor (3710)simple background (295930)solo (888008)transparent background (154192)vector (67267)


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People who would like to avoid these images can add ponyar fusion to their filters.

These aren’t what we normally call a "recolor" – Ponyar Fusion is an online tool that simply swaps color palettes between ponies. It’s not "art" or "fusion" in any normal sense, it’s just a program that applies color palette ’X’ to pony ’Y’.

This is not the same uploader as who was uploading the earlier floods. All that we ask is that these images be properly tagged with ponyar fusion so people can filter them, and that the site not be flooded with them. If either of those things is not happening, please report it. Otherwise a lot of the conversation here is very meta to the image, and applies more to site-wide policies, so it would be better if it were in either the Site & Policy forum, or in the Tagging Discussion forum, so that any policies that result can actually be acted on.
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