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safe (1442549)applejack (149191)aqua blossom (520)bulk biceps (3041)curly winds (553)derpy hooves (46113)drama letter (689)fleur-de-lis (3054)fluttershy (185708)ginger owlseye (210)kiwi lollipop (171)lemon zack (63)pinkie pie (190516)rainbow dash (205485)rarity (159026)sandalwood (934)sci-twi (19131)scott green (383)snow flower (62)some blue guy (526)spike (69312)spike the regular dog (2252)sunset shimmer (51283)supernova zap (172)track starr (115)trixie (56745)twilight sparkle (262999)wallflower blush (1269)watermelody (855)wiz kid (586)zephyr breeze (1834)dog (7541)equestria girls (161805)equestria girls series (24546)sunset's backstage pass! (914)spoiler:eqg series (season 2) (9022)accidental spanking (22)animated (85456)background human (5951)converse (4555)discovery kids (429)female (772595)geode of empathy (2127)geode of sugar bombs (1296)geode of super speed (1585)guitar (3938)magical geodes (5666)male (262165)paddle (629)rainbow dash's paddle (23)shoes (24547)spanish (3889)spanking (2253)unnamed character (29)

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