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HAHAAAA!! Slow but safe.  
You can say: “Hey, why it take you a long time made that!” — easy bro.. i have a life e.e.. and a job X_X. Anyway.. the real reason was the colors. As you know, the episode of the Dazzling is very dark, and the bright lights colors play a fundamental role. Find the tone of real colors was very difficult (a friend helped me remove the brightness of the video). I want to give them a sense real colors … that’s why I take a little more time.  
I want to be honest: I loved the animation. Brutal. EPIC. The evolution in the design of the characters is immeasurable. Usually for this animations a software called Toon Boom is used … I don’t know if the designers use that software, but without a doubt, their work was magnificent. 10/10 IGN.
Ok, and for this drawing: I hope you like it!! Cheers!  
PS: If you like my content, don’t forget to give me a “watch” .. so you will know immediately when I publish or update the drawings!!  
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safe1972448 artist:charliexe442 adagio dazzle14798 aria blaze11143 sonata dusk15145 equestria girls233995 equestria girls series38674 find the magic298 spoiler:eqg series (season 2)16379 adoragio497 ariabetes408 armband1003 boots28376 bracelet12764 clothes559620 converse6598 cute236462 eyeshadow22636 female1604235 greenbutt pants26 heart hands486 jacket16271 jewelry91346 makeup31010 pigtails5675 ponytail22662 shoes49609 shorts17210 smiling331516 sneakers5899 sonatabetes1291 spiked wristband1699 taco dress158 the dazzlings5062 the dazzlings have returned53 trio17663 trio female3789 twintails2007 wristband4512


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Background Pony #1F9F
The Dazzlings are good in the 3rd universe directly they Work for Solar Nation.
Background Pony #1F9F
This is ELP nu friends they used to be famous în 1970s they were a british progresive rock band and simfonic rock this is their seventh album Love Beach song Memoirs of an Officer and a gentleman another long song like Karn Evil 9 4 parts IT is from 1978