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safe1614832 artist:badumsquish1847 derpibooru exclusive25755 gallus6174 griffon25091 angry24991 bust44034 crow of judgement3 death stare228 frown21827 glare8052 male343571 meme79579 ponified animal photo571 ponified meme767 portrait29237 reaction image9274 show accurate11736 solo1002872 unamused14613


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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

Diamond Tiara for the filly (because she and Kirby are pink with blue eyes), rock-Ocellus for continuation version.
Or something better.

A new meme, then. "Every time you do something sinful on this site, you are obligated to look at Enthusiastically Hell-Bound Kirby TM for however long you feel like. He's proud of you and your evil ways!"
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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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Lady of Ships and Birbs
He mad.

I wonder which character would fit best for that one? I can picture Celestia possibly working. But if he wants to stick closer to that meme and use a small and young character (Kirby is still a child from what I recall), he could pick one of the foals in the series instead.

Alternatively, if he wants it to be a continuation of sorts to this one, he could use another one of the students.
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