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This is another YCH :p
Wanted to draw something bounded with summer ^^
suggestive (109630)artist:klooda (36)anthro (194553)beach (10625)bikini (13341)breasts (195153)clothes (343979)cloud (27768)commission (38739)detailed (626)detailed background (222)dress (33771)eating (7265)female (725352)food (48673)ice cream (3895)mare (317865)ocean (4373)sand (1546)see-through (3715)solo (856310)summer (851)sunglasses (11071)swimsuit (20271)ych example (1222)your character here (5933)


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Ahaha, I only wanted to showcase that there is a version without the dress. The dress itself is actually non-transparent :D
But true, you wouldn’t usually wear this kind of dress publicly :Ъ
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That’s a quote see-through dress.
But she’s wearing a swimsuit underneath, so I guess it’s okay. Not the dress you would wear normally in public :P
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