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This is another YCH :p
Wanted to draw something bounded with summer
suggestive (122587) artist:klooda (55) anthro (219247) beach (12049) bikini (14874) breasts (226061) clothes (388094) cloud (25825) commission (46934) detailed (661) detailed background (305) dress (37675) eating (8282) female (848188) food (57368) ice cream (4302) mare (388043) ocean (4931) sand (1779) see-through (4273) solo (937853) summer (982) sunglasses (12397) swimsuit (23327) ych example (1770) your character here (7906)


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Artist -

Ahaha, I only wanted to showcase that there is a version without the dress. The dress itself is actually non-transparent :D
But true, you wouldn't usually wear this kind of dress publicly :Ъ
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Artist -

That's a quote see-through dress.
But she's wearing a swimsuit underneath, so I guess it's okay. Not the dress you would wear normally in public :P