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The Bingo results of the first half of Season 9.
safe1639681 edit125742 ahuizotl815 angel wings239 autumn blaze3589 babs seed5668 big daddy mccolt88 button mash3926 capper dapperpaws1502 chief thunderhooves275 cookie crumbles984 coral currents39 cotton cloudy425 daring do6273 derpy hooves49079 diamond tiara9967 dinky hooves4302 fancypants1883 fido513 gabby2253 gourmand ramsay80 inky rose492 lightning dust4404 lily lace198 lilymoon38 limestone pie4807 marble pie6277 pacific glow434 pear butter2657 photo finish2558 pinkie pie209968 plaid stripes253 queen chrysalis33682 rover978 saffron masala1601 scorpan296 silver spoon6347 snails5211 snips4132 somnambula1815 spot447 steven magnet568 suri polomare1176 svengallop342 tempest shadow16351 trouble shoes1100 twist2821 violet spark34 zecora9062 zephyr breeze2191 zesty gourmand151 oc643267 oc:boing9 oc:fausticorn1516 oc:zeze138 alicorn211144 buffalo917 changedling7846 changeling44147 changeling queen14525 diamond dog3310 earth pony224236 griffon25601 pegasus266149 pony905339 unicorn295600 zebra16695 anthro245801 my little pony: the movie18480 season 9652 sounds of silence3287 spoiler:s09519 alicorn oc24498 anthro with ponies2469 bingo207 bipedal32526 blaze (coat marking)1020 broken horn13452 celestia redux16 cirno74 clothes435791 cloven hooves9389 colt14078 female1305442 filly62891 foal15089 gordon ramsay136 horn55863 make a wish foundation20 male351242 mare449941 mccolt family180 megatron586 ponified39503 purified chrysalis155 shadow spade48 shadow spade is real4 stallion100694 tail hold329 tepoztopilli6 touhou805 vector74171 wall of tags2809 zebra oc2852 9


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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

If I had to guess, Scorpan being namedropped in Best Gift Ever by Discord is possibly foreshadowing an appearance on his part.

It's not rocket science to think about who it could possibly be related to, since they've also appeared this season.

Pure speculation though.

Flim and Flam surprisingly aren't on this card, but they've appeared as a cameo, with a possibility of karma biting them.

(As for Svengallop, if you've been keeping track, he's been looking down in background cameos in S6 and S8, and I don't think he'd be doing very well if he appeared again)

i'm vava
I a problem? svengallop in las pegasus. I do not serious kill a male svengallop! But this last time,I focused ok, I must get to myself.
Background Pony #EC8C
Nine episodes in and neither Dinky nor Cotton Cloudy have made even background appearances yet? Color me shocked.