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suggestive (111565)artist:rambon7 (189)rainbow dash (201982)sunset shimmer (49945)equestria girls (157420)equestria girls series (23187)sunset's backstage pass! (751)spoiler:eqg series (season 2) (7950)aftercare (87)ass (35371)blushing (151733)breasts (199257)bunset shimmer (987)busty sunset shimmer (3671)butt (7808)butt touch (1854)clothes (350587)female (746720)females only (9016)hand on butt (1774)implied spanking (87)looking back (41074)looking over shoulder (1053)lucky bastard (1745)ointment (13)one eye closed (19941)panties (41077)pants (9575)pants down (566)rubbing (858)spanked (199)spanking (2198)sunset shimmer is not amused (74)unamused (11067)underwear (49062)

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Background Pony #2236
One of the traits of a quality artist in this field that I’ve noticed is that they get good at drawing the Rainbow hair in a way that looks really nice.
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