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Artist's description:

"Draw a boasting pony / Draw a pony making a name for themselves"

I'm not sure if winning a national cake-eating competition even counts as "making a name for oneself" if you're an immortal almost God-like being. Ok, it doesn't. But let's pretend that my drawing matches the theme anyway :P

Huh, NATG really isn't my thing :XD: I had to hurry and eventually I'm rather unsatisfied with the final piece. But well, I still had some fun so everything's fine, I guess.
safe1556660 artist:rysunkowasucharia48 princess celestia89081 alicorn191266 pony827787 atg 2019714 award147 cake8725 cakelestia973 collar28206 crown13525 crumbs224 cute173456 cutelestia3078 female880897 food59442 jewelry49194 mare404924 necklace14782 newbie artist training grounds4443 regalia15755 smiling210164 solo960147 table8028 trophy643


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Speaking Fancy -

She should be banned. She is an alicorn. An alicorn with a passion for cake so deep and great that not even Pinkie Pie can match it.
Background Pony #2D22
Headcanon: Celestia's throne is made from melted-down cake-eating contest trophies.