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The Rainbooms YouTube channel.

I'll admit, I don't like this one as much as my ShimmerCode one, namely because I had a lot more creative freedom with the ShimmerCode one and with this one I had all the videos laid out for me. It's too bad I ran out of room before I got to the Rainbow Rocks songs.

However, fun fact: The lengths, views, and upload dates you see here are all the same as the real videos (at the time of the making).

What do you think? Should I do one for "Sparkle06" next?
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10 comments posted
Background Pony #B37D
8 million subscribers?
That doesn't make them just a YouTube channel, that makes them highly successful inernational celebrities that would have no problem getting endorsing deals or invitations to concerts.
Background Pony #373A
Someone Can ask for K.Hadley if we will have a sunset shimmer new music video this year