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The Rainbooms YouTube channel.

I'll admit, I don't like this one as much as my ShimmerCode one, namely because I had a lot more creative freedom with the ShimmerCode one and with this one I had all the videos laid out for me. It's too bad I ran out of room before I got to the Rainbow Rocks songs.

However, fun fact: The lengths, views, and upload dates you see here are all the same as the real videos (at the time of the making).

What do you think? Should I do one for "Sparkle06" next?
safe1637364 derpibooru exclusive26494 edit125498 edited screencap60669 editor:biggernate9190 screencap213544 applejack164392 big macintosh27391 captain planet670 doodle bug78 drama letter782 flash sentry12344 fluttershy205445 garden grove168 guy grove57 lemon zest3085 microchips1318 mile hill72 octavia melody23187 paisley733 pinkie pie209726 rainbow dash226352 rarity175766 sandalwood1040 sci-twi22946 sour sweet3199 spike76582 spike the regular dog2426 sugarcoat3186 sunny flare2652 sunset shimmer59976 technicolor waves83 twilight sparkle291489 valhallen522 victoria169 waldo whereabout65 watermelody994 dog8998 coinky-dink world484 dance magic1480 diy with applejack140 eqg summertime shorts2825 equestria girls190835 equestria girls series30907 five to nine161 forgotten friendship5075 get the show on the road161 good vibes288 i'm on a yacht749 legend of everfree7769 mad twience188 monday blues306 reboxing with spike!126 rollercoaster of friendship2305 run to break free169 shake things up!107 so much more to me138 spring breakdown2507 the finals countdown151 the other side472 spoiler:eqg series (season 2)13039 spoiler:eqg specials5136 all good (song)93 applejack's hat6208 background human6265 cowboy hat14349 dance magic (song)59 geode of empathy2756 geode of shielding1927 geode of super speed1999 geode of super strength1828 geode of telekinesis2612 hat81612 humane five3083 humane seven2302 humane six2941 legend you were meant to be43 logo3455 magical geodes7947 music video299 photo booth (song)34 shadow five627 shadowbolts1554 shimmercode78 the rainbooms297 thumbnail293 youtube2247 youtube thumbnail158


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8 million subscribers?
That doesn't make them just a YouTube channel, that makes them highly successful inernational celebrities that would have no problem getting endorsing deals or invitations to concerts.
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Someone Can ask for K.Hadley if we will have a sunset shimmer new music video this year