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Added text to Dashie yelling "ripoff!"
safe1574011 edit117469 edited screencap55972 screencap198883 alula541 amethyst star2282 apple cobbler290 apple polish34 aura (character)247 berry blend366 berry bliss366 berry sweet66 blues911 button mash3784 cherry berry1849 cherry cream17 cherry spices93 citrus blush141 cloverbelle42 coco crusoe544 cocoa caliente41 daisy2215 dee six28 derpy hooves48230 dinky hooves4252 doctor whooves10081 emerald green111 flower wishes2081 gallus5803 golden grove42 goldengrape592 green gem107 huckleberry306 lemon hearts1899 lightning bolt827 liza doolots575 lotus blossom2571 lucky charm (character)16 lyra heartstrings27774 magnet bolt81 minty hearts27 moondancer's sister57 morning roast57 neckshot22 neon lights790 noteworthy912 november rain501 octavia melody22425 peppermint goldylinks362 petunia574 piña colada364 ponet340 rainbow dash219213 rainbow stars193 rainbowshine776 rising star786 roseluck4653 ruby pinch1223 silverstream5262 sir colton vines iii592 smolder6584 sparkler2133 spring melody1015 sprinkle medley1015 star bright150 stella nova29 sundown skies16 sunshine petals47 sunshower raindrops2213 time turner10066 toffee swirl15 tootsie flute577 tornado bolt345 twinkleshine1960 white lightning826 classical hippogriff4446 dragon48101 earth pony198463 griffon24863 hippogriff8292 pegasus239186 pony844668 unicorn265680 the washouts (episode)1041 apple family member2502 background pony9119 background pony audience337 colt13304 dashie hates ripoffs10 dragoness6660 female898031 filly59471 friendship student1390 lyra is not amused167 male305084 mare414915 stallion92540 template1462 text51000 unamused13699 unnamed pony1774 update98


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