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“You’re back!” whoomphf! a unicorn lands in Feather’s arms!

“Whoa, hey, careful, I could drop you!”

“You’re too good to drop, if you do all the dangerous missions you can handle a jumping cutie!”

“It’s not like all you get up to is much safer!”

“That’s why I picked a medic!”

A glimpse into the future of these two
safe (1522503) artist:shimazun (224) oc (573102) oc:quartz horn (40) oc:rainbow feather (324) anthro (218925) classical unicorn (3660) digitigrade anthro (1206) griffon (23671) hippogriff (7733) unguligrade anthro (40925) unicorn (242868) anthro oc (27187) carrying (1904) cloths (50) cloven hooves (8309) crystal post (1) cute (167208) female (846598) griffon oc (1338) interspecies offspring (5896) leonine tail (6652) lesbian (88966) magical lesbian spawn (9375) nuzzling (3589) offspring (31983) parent:gilda (604) parent:rainbow dash (4705) parents:gildash (356) rainbow hair (1641) unshorn fetlocks (20948)


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