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Meet Wylde Rush :3

Wylde Rush is a zebra that loves to roller skate. She has a very tough and competitive attitude, and is part of a professional roller derby team.
She can be very aggressive during play and is anything but humble when it comes to the games XD

But outside of the ring, she is actually a rather friendly and excitable pony, who is always happy to help out the rookies and spend time with her fans :3
safe1639994 alternate version40187 artist:bonpikabon73 oc643454 oc only427037 oc:wylde rush10 zebra16697 clothes435912 dreadlocks517 ear piercing24023 earring19573 eyebrow piercing797 female1305726 jewelry57251 piercing38130 ponytail16743 quadrupedal1549 raised hoof42115 reference sheet11521 roller skates765 rollerblades80 shirt23003 shorts13118 simple background371038 socks62233 solo1020469 t-shirt4098 tongue out97380 tongue piercing941 torn clothes4576 transparent background192631 zebra oc2853


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