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WIP rough sketch, part of a request for CyberApple456

It will be her OC Mistress Chloe Adore with her subs Twilight and Sunset. Twily and Sunny will be dressed in something similar to this >>2056703

Wanted to capture the sketch of Chloe herself. Next adding in Twilight nuzzling on her leg. Much like she is in the thumbnail sketch >>2083205
suggestive137276 artist:supra80438 oc655931 oc:chloe adore81 unicorn304600 anthro250310 unguligrade anthro46302 anthro oc29131 belly button74357 breasts265912 clothes442756 collar31581 dominatrix2273 female1322753 gloves19137 latex11239 latex gloves1435 latex stockings305 long gloves5399 pencil drawing7690 sketch60856 socks63866 thigh highs34272 traditional art114876 wip7680


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