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safe1554864 edit114509 edited screencap53936 screencap195105 amethyst star2244 apple cobbler290 berry punch6059 berryshine6050 blues904 bon bon15472 button mash3749 caramel2334 carrot top5117 cerulean skies16 cheerilee9278 cherry berry1826 cherry spices93 cloud kicker1692 coco crusoe536 daisy2196 dark moon184 derpy hooves47910 electric sky55 flower wishes2062 gabby2124 gallop j. fry214 golden harvest5117 goldengrape587 graphite183 lickety split264 lily1755 lily valley1755 linky1312 lotus blossom2551 lucky clover501 lyra heartstrings27488 magnet bolt81 meadow song467 merry may670 millie133 noteworthy905 peachy pie106 rainbow stars192 roseluck4616 royal riff298 sea swirl1384 seafoam1383 shoeshine1430 sir colton vines iii587 sparkler2094 spring melody1002 sprinkle medley1002 sunny daze111 sweetie drops15472 tender brush100 winter lotus100 earth pony190264 pegasus232231 pony826049 unicorn257130 the fault in our cutie marks982 adorabon597 apple family member2489 background pony8881 background pony audience333 baseball378 baseball bat931 baseball cap1673 berrybetes92 buttonbetes139 cap3563 catcher2 catcher's mask1 catcher's mitt1 cheeribetes361 colt13125 cute173530 cutie top182 female878938 filly58401 gabbybetes360 glasses53813 hat74579 home plate1 inset36 lickety split (g4)7 lilybetes44 lyrabetes1186 lyrics974 male298891 mare403929 mask5266 song reference3017 sports2809 stadium245 stallion90279 take me out to the ballgame1 text49772


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