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Rough sketch, part of a request for CyberApple456

It will be her OC Mistress Chloe Adore with her subs Twilight and Sunset.

Earlier I posted a WIP sketch of Chloe herself >>2084652 The next part of that was adding in Twilight nuzzling on her leg. Much like she is in the thumbnail sketch >>2083205 That required drawing over Chloe's lineart. Something that became a hot mess. I needed to erase a good chunk of Chloe's thigh to keep things clean. If I didn't, it would make darkening in the main lines over construction lines confusing.

Twilight's outfit was previewed in a sketch of Celestia wearing the same >>2056703 Her gear is a full body latex suit, a collar with tags and a leash, long latex gloves, ball gag, magic suppressing horn rings, wing binding straps, and a blindfold. Something I need to add later to this ensemble is ballet boots. Something that will be part of the sketch of Sunset I'm doing next. She'll be dressed in the same gear and the same position. Sunset is also the reason Chloe's right hand isn't finished. That part will also be added in as part of Sunset's sketch.

The phrase 'The devil is in the details,' will definitely be echoing in my mind when I work on this in GIMP. There will be alot of small, fine details I'll need to re-work at 800% zoom to get them right. Those details being Chloe's tags and earrings, and Twilight and Sunset's names on their tags and their cutie marks on their ballgags.
suggestive137276 artist:supra80438 twilight sparkle294336 oc655935 oc:chloe adore81 alicorn215459 unicorn304601 anthro250310 unguligrade anthro46302 anthro oc29131 arm behind back5677 ballgag6918 belly button74357 black and white12466 blindfold4246 bondage32490 bound wings3406 breasts265914 catsuit1293 clothes442756 collar31581 dominatrix2273 female1322757 females only11945 femdom7839 femsub10341 gag13976 gagging321 gloves19137 grayscale37040 horn59595 horn ring5362 latex11239 latex gloves1435 latex stockings305 leash7400 long gloves5399 magic70962 magic suppression3779 monochrome146989 pencil drawing7690 pet tag1647 sketch60856 socks63866 submissive16019 tack4377 telekinesis26703 thigh highs34272 traditional art114876 twilight sparkle (alicorn)121142 twisub829 wings97523


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