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“Is this thing on?”

Limestone Pie fiddled with the gadget between her hooves, struggling to keep from dropping it as she pressed its screen with her snout.

”Hey, it turned off!”

”Let me call him, Ma,” Turquoise Edge tried to take the phone from her before having it swiped away.

”Nonsense, I can call my own son!” Limestone scowled before the phone slipped out of her hooves.

Turq caught it swiftly, mere milliseconds before it smashed onto a rock. “Not if you keep dropping it! Look, this is my phone and Hawk taught me to use it, so I will be doing the calling.”

”But-“ Limestone protested before being swept up in the wing of her husband, Zephyr Breeze.

”Relax, Limey. Our Ducky’s got this!”

Turq used her wings to dial Hawk’s number into the phone, holding it up as it began to ring. Soon enough, a hairless face appeared on the screen.

”Hey guys!”

”Hey Hawk!” Turq grinned. “We finally got this thing working!”

”After I came home like, 20 times to help you set it up?” Hawk smirked. “About time-“

”Shut up, you!” Turq held the phone out further to give him a view of their parents. “Say hi to Ma and Dad!”

”Hey son!” Zephyr called out.

Limestone cocked an eyebrow. “THAT’S Hawk? What happened to him?”

”Chill Ma, this is just how we look over here-“

”Oh my gosh! Is that Hawk?” A familiar voice called out as the phone got swiped out of Turq’s grasp, the camera turning around to a smiling dragon face. “Hey big brother! How ya doing?”

”Fi-O! I’m doing great-“

”Opal! Give that back!” Turq shouted. “You’re gonna drop it!”

”I’m not gonna drop it! I wanna say hi to Hawk!” Opal waved. “We love you, Hawk—oops!”


The call went dead and Hawk was left chuckling to himself.

”Love ya too, guys.”
safe1587558 artist:ficklepickle942150 artist:kindheart525723 limestone pie4639 zephyr breeze2094 oc609858 oc:fire opal25 oc:hawk eye53 oc:turquoise edge121 dragon48992 earth pony206217 human144521 pegasus247736 pony857705 kindverse856 female1228018 humanized95284 iphone619 male331096 offspring34097 parent:limestone pie457 parent:oc:ametrine22 parent:oc:star sapphire22 parent:zephyr breeze614 parents:zephyrstone203 shipping184703 straight122441 zephyrstone29


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