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Alright, so I decided to go all out with an original species when I made this commission.
And while I saw that a few people have Boar OC's… and there's that Boar… thing, from the movie in Klugtown… I don't much care for that.
So behold… a Pony Orc, a Porc!
I have a bunch of info already written down for Porcs…

Info on Porcs
Porcs, other wise known as Orc Ponies, are a sub species of pony whom reside among the world in locations hidden by harsh environments. Be it dense forest, harsh suns or even mountainous landscapes- a Porc village adapts to their environment's surroundings.
In the case of where many Porcs reside, there are a few known locations. One being the village of Pin Needle Barrens, another somewhere within the Bad Lands of Equestria… and one near the Smokey Mountains.
The Porcs within those locations have varying characteristics. Porcs whom have tusks are capable of using magic, though it is not a common thing to see among some Porc that some are born with tusks.

• Porcs within the Pine Needle Barrens are bulky with mass and tall, with slightly average snout sizes. Those within the forest are more earth colored in coats. Male Porcs averaging around 8'11 and 220 lbs, with female Porcs averaging around 6'2 at around 180 lbs. The environment is dense, but not so harsh that they must adapt heavily, resulting in many to gain weight outside of muscle mass. It is uncommon to have a Porc in this environment to be born with tusks.

• Porcs within the Bad Lands are thinner and more lanky, yet with longer snouts than those of the Pine Needle Barrens. Those within the Bad Lands are also more commonly born with tusks- making up for there lack of mass. Varying with coat colors that resemble the reds and browns of the area. A male Porc within this location averages around 6' and 180 lbs, while a female Porc Averages around 5'8 120 lbs.

• Porcs whom reside in the Smokey Mountains are built more towards muscle mass to survive in the uneven and harsher climate, with shorter tails. With more stone greys in there color pallet, Porcs in this location are widely known for being strict on survival, with many lacking tusks. Those who are born with tusks are raised to help with the gathering of supplies in harder to reach places and building in rough terrain- such as cliff sides. The average male Porc stands around 7'2 and around 200 lbs, with female Porcs standing at 6' near 190 lbs.

There is in the rare cases, Porcs moving to more Pony like society and villages, whom again… must adapt through generations. Those whom breed within there own species, will have slightly more 'domesticated' appearances. Smaller snouts, smaller ears, less likely to gain tusks.
Those whom breed outside of the species with ponies, are more likely to inherit pony physical appearances. More tail hair, thinner built figures, far smaller snouts and ears. Less likely to have the same hooves that a Porc typically has. As well within the breeding outside of the species with a pony, Porcs are more likely to inherit more pony like coat colors.


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2 comments posted
Background Pony #61E3
i just wanna say i loved your idea of ponifying orcs,as orcs are my fave race when it comes to RPG,when i was made into a brony i missed a bulky and badass race till the day folks at Hasbro decided to introduce yaks into MLP,i feel like they
(yaks) are hasbro's response to orc fans in the brony fandom

as for your version,which i absolutely LOVED,i hope to see ponified Varok or maybe Thrall leading them (possibly a genderbent Garrosh as guard captain?)

(huge Warcraft/LOTR/medieval Warhammer orc/Warcraft's Ogres fan here(not a big fan of 40K futuristic orks tho)