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Twilight Sparkle Rarity and Fluttershy was captured by a bad guy. Who will you see first, you can only choose one
1. Twilight Sparkle
2. Rarity
3. Fluttershy

I do not own Equestria Girls or the characters

Twilight Sparkle is made and from
Link to the picture…

The Rarity and Fluttershy base are own and made by
Link to the bases


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1 comment posted
Background Pony #6AB0
Geez, why do choices have to be so hard, when you like ALL THREE girls enough you want to save all three? Personally, I’d save Fluttershy. But, IF I had two other partners with me, one who likes Rarity, and the other likes Twilight, then my partners could save those two, while I save Fluttershy.
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