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KilianKuro Commissions

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Decided to combine 2 really cute creatures. Cats and Twily X3

This is more of a test on the uses of camera transitions from one scene to another and small movements in positions that shouldn't require too much movements. Also first time using motion editor for animating. So a simple test X3
safe (1526320) artist:mrm (88) twilight sparkle (274832) alicorn (184715) pony (801208) 3d (58357) animated (89450) behaving like a cat (1790) book (29359) couch (6666) cute (167975) daaaaaaaaaaaw (2938) female (851144) hug (24404) lying down (8863) mare (389856) no sound (2928) sleeping (20782) solo (939490) source filmmaker (34927) twiabetes (9568) twilight sparkle (alicorn) (111313) webm (9129)


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