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Competitor Poster of /pol/eague 4, with the Jin-Roh Stormtrooper in the middle.
MLPOL was host of this tournament by virtue of being the victor of /pol/eague 3 of 2018.
The stream itself was broadcasted on cytube on 4 play days on 2 successive weekends in June 2019.

TEAMS — Left to Right (Captain)

My Little Politics (Aryanne) — True Capitalist Radio (Ghostler) — /British Politics/ (Farage) — /Christianity General/ (Christ-Chan) — /Fascism General/ (Mussolini) — /Syria Generals/ (Assad) — /leftypol/ (Stalin)

/National Socialism General/ (Hitler) — Italy Politics (Salvini) — /Australia politics/ (Tarrant) — /Netherlands Politics/ (Baudet) — /Balkan Politics/ (Tito) — /President Trump General/ (Blumphy) — /Germany Politics/ (AFD-Chan) — /White South Afrika Politics/ (Border War Boomer)
safe1615096 oc626737 oc:aryanne3110 /mlpol/415 /pol/105 /pol/ league cup17 4chan6631 4chan cup399 8chan380 adolf hitler315 andrew yang1 benito mussolini22 black sun13 brenton tarrant2 captains1 contestant1 donald trump307 football1482 jin-roh2 josef stalin110 leftypol4 nazi3434 nigel farage4 sports3135 the man they call ghost127 true capitalist radio150 wallpaper18102


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