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A piece of promotional art Made for /pol/eague IV. This was posted in the Official /pol/eague Discord and later reposted on MLPOL.NET Most of the teams are represented here by customized Wojaks. I can not say if the Position of the teams is representative of their performance or popularity, but i can not rule it out.

Top Row left to right
Australia Pol, Ottoman Roach (with wings), Team Captain of Balkan General and Alicorn Aryanne, Team Captain of MLPOL

Bottom Row left to right
Leftypol, President Trump General, National Socialism General, British Politics, Anarcho Capitalism, Syria Generals, Germany Politics, Yang Gang.

Not in the picture
Fascism General, True Capitalist Radio, Netherlands Politics, Italy Politics, Christianity General
safe1636652 alternate version39913 oc641188 oc:aryanne3115 alicorn210395 human148395 /mlpol/415 /pol/105 /pol/ league cup17 4chan6653 4chan cup399 alicorn amulet1820 aryan647 aryan pony939 australia394 blonde2032 clothes434447 football1496 germany560 hat81555 helmet10215 meme80166 nazi3441 nazipone775 politics1352 promotional art114 roach21 sports3221 syria49 uniform9919 united kingdom290 united states780 wings92370 wojak151


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