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Photo proof from the Boss Match of the fth /pol/eague during the anthems, visible here is the lineup of the 4chan /pol/ All Star Team. MLPOL lost this boss match 0 — 2, which is remarkable since all our players were intentionally debuffed while /pol/ was on roids. Usually the Boss wins with a score of ~14.

Left to right
Andrew Yang, Moonman, A bogdanoff Twin, a turbomanlet Jew, Adolf Hitler, Donald Trump and a Venezuela Memeball.

MLPOL's Team can be seen towards the right edge of the picture.

The team manager of 4chan /pol/ is currently contemplating to put in Star Players from the /pol/eague, so we may or may not see a pony player in /pol/s team in the near future.
safe1638983 oc642777 oc:aryanne3111 pony904746 /pol/105 /pol/ league cup17 3d69836 4chan6656 4chan cup399 all star2 animated95272 anthem2 aryan647 aryan pony939 blonde2037 boss97 football1496 match112 nazi3438 nazipone775 poleague2 pro evolution soccer34 sports3228 swastika2352 tournament25


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