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Made for the Artist Training Grounds on Equestria Daily
Prompt: Draw a pony in a dire situation / Draw a pony as the unlikely hero.
Derpy is today’s hero after winning in a swimming competition against all odds, especially against Rainbow Dash who is not taking it so well ~~

Asset credits on Deviantart.
safe (1428566)artist:wissle (187)derpy hooves (45882)princess luna (87974)rainbow dash (203843)sunset shimmer (50636)equestria girls (159602)3d (51343)bashful (151)belly button (59671)bikini (13731)boyshorts (457)bra (12307)clapping (555)clothes (355490)crop top bra (816)frown (19585)jealous (1008)medal (428)newbie artist training grounds (4446)panties (41534)pillar (269)podium (260)smiling (183058)source filmmaker (30612)sports bra (1831)swimming pool (566)swimsuit (20908)tiles (19)underwear (49626)vice principal luna (2007)victory (117)


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