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Animated edit of this
safe1638997 artist:evehly837 edit125684 editor:cinematron2 pinkie pie209887 earth pony223989 pony904764 :d1092 abstract background13060 animated95272 bipedal32518 bubble4732 cheering761 chest fluff35427 cute189608 cynical5 depressing107 diapinkes9327 dissonant caption154 ear fluff26280 female1304813 gradient background11566 happy29483 hooves up451 irrational exuberance610 life is pain7 looking at you156710 mare449583 meme80228 open mouth133376 pain1821 smiling230159 solo1019771 sparkles4105 subversive kawaii168 text55045 truth982 underhoof49138 wat18798


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Or is death just the numbing of the pain?
The pain's still there. Just don't really care about it anymore.
The feeling of being without pain has long been forgotten, leaving one with the existence of constant hurt and hollow emotion.
Background Pony #034B
through all the pain shines stronger the people that bring me happiness, making it all worth it