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Slightly retouched and perspective-corrected from >>1964465

This was posted in Alcor's Discord the same day the original was made, yet somehow ended up collecting dust. Anyway, enjoy. ('w' )
safe1584475 artist:alcor836 edit119399 editor:dsp200391 fluttershy199525 pegasus246610 semi-anthro10809 :o3432 alcor is trying to murder us13 blushing177466 cheek fluff4573 chest fluff32891 cute180785 daaaaaaaaaaaw3212 eyelashes5018 female1181816 floppy ears46478 fluffy12907 high res22384 hnnng2294 hoof fluff1124 leg fluff2558 looking at you147368 lying down10340 mare426047 messy mane7155 neck fluff642 on side6391 open mouth124966 shoulder fluff1451 shyabetes11907 signature19602 solo980989 stray strand383 traditional art109179 wing fluff1451 wings80913


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