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Slightly retouched and perspective-corrected from >>1964465

This was posted in Alcor’s Discord the same day the original was made, yet somehow ended up collecting dust. Anyway, enjoy. ('w' )
safe (1411226)artist:alcor (675)edit (95652)editor:dsp2003 (85)fluttershy (181931)alcor is trying to murder us (9)blushing (151441)cheek fluff (3037)chest fluff (25147)cute (144823)daaaaaaaaaaaw (2506)eyelashes (3020)female (744880)floppy ears (40684)fluffy (11353)high res (16960)hnnng (2024)hoof fluff (596)leg fluff (1648)looking at you (118170)lying down (7705)mare (326448)messy mane (5734)neck fluff (471):o (2975)open mouth (102185)pegasus (182800)semi-anthro (9331)short neck (310)shoulder fluff (1135)shyabetes (9133)side (5104)signature (14627)solo (865756)stray strand (233)traditional art (95179)wing fluff (1194)wings (51145)

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