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safe1947312 artist:shad0w-galaxy556 princess celestia104185 princess luna108342 starlight glimmer54732 twilight sparkle330181 alicorn269986 pony1297125 unicorn434496 alicornified6549 alternate universe11453 canterlot6392 cewestia1884 crown24261 ethereal mane10531 female1580419 filly83073 galaxy mane1324 high res84148 hoof shoes7337 jewelry88806 mare604713 patreon14047 pink-mane celestia2895 princess starlight glimmer113 race swap17728 regalia28929 role reversal1561 royal sisters5513 starlicorn513 twilight sparkle (alicorn)137382 ultimate twilight444 unicorn luna53 woona5447 young celestia431 young luna237 younger19981


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Background Pony #A755
What a beautiful pic.
Twilight and Starlight are sisters?!  
See Starlight as an alicorn makes me very happy 😊