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Original Description:
Aside from self-insert horse, none of these got much use. The pegasus "Twisty Brush" was for Legend of Equestria’s pre-alpha. "Scarlet Quill" was supposed to be my main OC before I realized nerdy jerk wasn’t fun for me to use. Big pink and other red were a friend’s and never got named.
safe (1430558)artist:knadire (54)oc (525852)oc:cell shader (18)oc only (364507)oc:plas (2)oc:scarlet quill (115)oc:twisty brush (2)earth pony (148652)pegasus (188430)pony (699203)unicorn (203830)2013 (666)2019 (337)angry (20044)book (27095)female (761212)flying (29993)glasses (47058)group (2435)legends of equestria (544)magic (57605)male (258399)mare (335940)ponysona (2358)redraw (1138)shrug (1162)stallion (73122)updated (368)


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