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ghiaccio :D possibly my fave member of la squadra. im gonna have to do a second version of him so he fits in the master image better

see all of la squadra here!
safe (1430575)artist:guidomista (68)artist:miiistaaa (68)artist:nijimillions (68)derpibooru exclusive (20338)pegasus (188434)pony (699219)accessories (533)accessory (89)angry (20045)anime (3575)blue (1012)colored wings (4144)cube (146)curls (59)curly (17)curly hair (412)curly mane (177)curly tail (56)ghiaccio (5)glasses (47059)gritted teeth (9143)hooves (14707)ice (945)ice cube (73)jjba (18)jojo (25)jojo's bizarre adventure (2202)male (258408)markings (649)multicolored wings (1737)one hoof raised (531)ponified (34288)short hair (1383)short mane (629)short tail (641)simple background (291173)solo (876948)stallion (73122)standing (8256)teeth grinding (81)transparent background (152022)two toned wings (974)vento aureo (119)wings (53204)

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