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ghiaccio :D possibly my fave member of la squadra. im gonna have to do a second version of him so he fits in the master image better

see all of la squadra here!
safe1588443 artist:guidomista69 artist:miiistaaa68 artist:nijimillions69 derpibooru exclusive24640 pegasus244571 pony855738 accessories813 accessory115 angry24284 anime4635 blue1144 colored wings5071 cube167 curls67 curly19 curly hair592 curly mane315 curly tail80 ghiaccio6 glasses55487 gritted teeth10439 hooves16438 ice1109 ice cube90 jjba33 jojo52 jojo's bizarre adventure2542 male309615 markings1058 multicolored wings2201 one hoof raised889 ponified38679 short hair1665 short mane732 short tail826 simple background349501 solo981535 stallion94227 standing10356 teeth grinding91 transparent background181013 two toned wings1680 vento aureo137 wings78825


not provided yet


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