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Original Description:
These were the self-insert OCs I helped design for close friends of mine; Minkie, Topandito and Alby. I drew them a lot, and even had art of them on many an iPod case and wallpaper. The only one named was "Very Melon" on the left. I miss these guys.
safe (1395428)artist:knadire (42)oc (510090)oc:alby roo (9)oc only (356649)oc:very melon (7)2015 (563)2019 (305)angry (19060)beach (10660)cake (7703)cute (142180)earth pony (138877)female (726644)food (48770)group (2318)male (247346)pegasus (178302)pony (664510)smiling (176523)splash (262)unicorn (191019)water (9594)


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