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Summer Counselor by iojknmiojknm

Now on Preorder:

Looking for advice? Just lemme finish my ice cream, I'm always here for my students…

You can see more work by iojknmiojknm here:

Comes with two 60cm aluminum hanging poles.

Looking to save big on shipping? Especially overseas? Order your wall scroll without poles!

Product is 60cmx90cm

Finished product is not watermarked.

Purchase price does not include shipping and handling. International shipping is available.
questionable106694 artist:tzc391 starlight glimmer44348 equestria girls182122 advertisement7701 anime4642 barefoot24647 beach13173 beach chair447 beanie3292 bikini16127 breasts243219 busty starlight glimmer2041 cameltoe7783 clothes414292 cute180826 feet35119 female929650 food61772 glimmerbetes3463 hat77507 ice cream4597 panties46419 sexy24498 solo981779 solo female169436 stupid sexy starlight glimmer482 swimsuit25203 that human sure does love ice cream68 that pony sure does love ice cream30 tongue out91887 underwear55728 wall scroll23


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