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This was a request on DA but I wanted to share it on here so that you all have a breakdown of the ninja outfits I use in my pics (at least the human ones).

The bottom most layer is the underwear, it never really factors into my pics but this is the internet so I felt the need to clarify. Though on the few times it does come up I go with a sports bra and shorts.

Next is the stockings which acts as an undershirt, sleeves, and leggings. The top part can either be one whole piece, like a long sleeve shirt, or separated like here. The bottom half is similar where it can be one whole piece, like pantyhose, or two pieces, like shorts and tall socks (I actually only thought of the two piece bottom part while making this to add some variety). The sleeves are fastened at the wrist and can extend further in a bridal gauntlet-esk way and fasten around the middle finger depending on whether or not I remember it/it looks good in the pic. The leggings are also made in a tabi style to allow for the sandals.

Finally is the Shinobi Shozoku (thats what the classic ninja outfit is called and my term for the whole outfit) which consist of a mask and hood (if applicable), a long shirt, mid-length pants, a belt, and sandals. The shirt and pants both fasten at just above the elbows and below the knees respectively with the shirt also doubling as the skirt. The belt is tied in a bow and then tucked so it’s facing in, making it look like one piece of material.

As for the pic itself, I think it came out nicely, she looks a little long legged but I’ll chalk that up to EQGs character design.
I don’t own this character just the pic
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