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Rainbow Dash: No way! After all that, you're still gonna make her leave?!
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15 comments posted
Background Pony #5ADE
I hoped, that Scoots will stay with RD after her parents' leaving. She was the closest adult pony to her. But no… she stayed with two unknown for fandom lesbians.
Bravo, Hasbro
Background Pony #68BE
I notice both of Scootaloo's parents are taller than the average pony, which likely means Scootaloo will also be tall when she grows up. Which means she'll be taller than Rainbow Dash. Which makes me think of all the crossover fanart depicting them as Simon and Kamina from TTGL, and I find this heartwarmingly appropriate.
CMC Scootaloo
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Scootaloo Fanclub Member
@Background Pony Number 17

I'm not sure how that relates to my comment. Where did I criticize what Ponyville did for Scoots? I'm pretty sure I didn't criticize that anywhere.
Also, my initial comment was aimed at humanity, not ponydom. It was supposed to convey that, in humanity, you can talk to a child you don't know and the parents will chase you away or even call the police if they are extra paranoid.
But not ponies. In Equestria, that's not a thing, as the reaction of Scoots' birthers already showed, when they didn't accuse Rainbow Dash of ulterior motives.
Background Pony Number 17
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

@CMC Scootaloo
And then all of Ponyville testifies that RD has been a better relative to Scoots than her own parents have. You do realize "CMC Appreciation Day" was a no-so-subtle threat, don't you? Ponies can be amazingly passive-aggressive when they put their minds to it.

Rainbow Dash: No way! After all that, you’re still gonna make her leave?!

Mane Allgood: Why should we listen to anything you say if we don´t even know who you are? You are a full grown mare and our foal is obsessed with you when we count the Pictures as evidence. For all we know you could be a pedophile.

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