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Poster for Dupontsimon's My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Magic Show of Friendship
safe1554849 artist:biggernate9136 artist:equinepalette139 edit114506 editor:biggernate9188 applejack157202 fluttershy195710 pinkie pie201326 rainbow dash217148 rarity167865 sci-twi21693 starlight glimmer42932 sunburst5667 sunset shimmer56593 trixie61119 twilight sparkle279717 alicorn190803 pony826039 seapony (g4)3590 fanfic:magic show of friendship9 equestria girls177249 equestria girls series27991 diamond595 equestria girls logo762 geode of telekinesis2342 human ponidox3175 humane five2678 humane seven2037 humane six2564 logo3212 magical geodes6506 mane six28954 poster4770 seaponified1911 seapony starlight glimmer30 self ponidox6997 species swap17972 square crossover429 text49772 twilight sparkle (alicorn)113679 twolight1035


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8 comments posted
Background Pony #C07B
If anyone wants, you can make more images for this, using character vectors and bases like how I did with my drawings.
Background Pony #C504
Anyone care to comment what you like about this on the wiki site? Like what's your favorite part?

My favorite is that both sets of the mane cast meet each other