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safe1575262 artist:blackwidower3 apple bloom46543 scootaloo49177 spike74828 sweetie belle46651 dragon48152 pony845537 alternate universe9273 angry23968 colt13317 cutie mark crusaders17891 dragon bloom16 dragoness6669 dragonified1486 facepalm409 fanfic art13047 female899049 grin32931 male305403 my little dragon10 ponified38387 ponified spike277 recolor3949 scootadragon31 simple background345564 smiling214894 species swap18303 sweetie dragon15 text51068 white background87096 wings75978


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Dragonlover, Spike Fan
@Darth Shy
Thanks. But question is that I wrote 2 other fanfics in the forums and none of them responded to my fanfics.
Which you can find them here:

However I'm not sure if I could publish a fan-fic like the one I did right now. Is there an alternate way to put this fanfic that I made recently. and I will try to write and publish it. But I need to see the original DragonMark story first. And I will try to make it. But tell me about the other 2 fan-fics that I did the past 2-3 days. and What do you think about them?
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Dragonlover, Spike Fan
I really like that fanfic idea.

Imagine when Smolder sees the CMC as dragons and Spike as a pony:

Smolder went out looking for spike in the forest

Smolder: Spike? where are you?

Spike apparently heard Smolder from the distance.

Spike followed the voice as Smolder kept searching

Smolder: I wonder where spike could be?
Spike: Smolder!

Spike started running through the bushes to get closer to Smodler

Smolder: Huh? looks back That's strange… I've heard-
Spike: I'm coming for you, Smolder!
Smolder: gasp I… I recognized that voice… could it be-

Spike was getting closer to Smolder

Smolder: gasp I can't believe he heard me looking for him. Spike! I'm right here!

Spike got close to Smolder as he comes out of the bush and immediately jump towards Smolder which it caused Smolder to a shock that she happened to saw Spike as a pony after spike came out of the bush

Smolder: WOA-!


Spike: Oh, Smolder. You can't believe what just-
Smolder: Hold on! What happened to you!? WHY ARE YOU A PONY ALL OF THE SUDDEN?!? WHO DID THIS TO YOU?!!?
Spike: Oh… Well…

Things started to get off-hand when the CMC came also due to the fact that the CMC followed spike to know where is he going.

Scootaloo: Alright, Mr. Lizard! WHERE ON HORSE-APPLES WERE YOU GO-

Scootaloo stoped when she saw Smolder, Smolder looked at Scootaloo in a questionable look on her face

Applebloom: What is it Scootaloo? Why the hold up?

Smolder told Spike to get her off, Spike steped back to give her a chance to get up. Smolder got up and looked at Scootaloo again with an angry face

Smolder: YOU!
Scootaloo: What?
Smolder: You did this to Spi-

Smolder paused for a moment as she realized that Scootaloo is now a dragon all of a sudden, Smolder started to freak out after realizing what Scootaloo had became.

Smolder: W- Wait a minute!.. H- How did you.. did you.. become a dragon like me?
Scootaloo: Well it's kinda of a long story, and…
Smodler: No… NO NO NO!! Why di- d-… How?…
Spike: Uhh… Smolder? are you alright?
Smolder: No… This is not right… How come-
Sweetie belle: did the three of us became dragons and spike became a pony?

Smolder faints

Spike: Smolder? SMOLDER!? WAKE UP!!
Scootaloo: Oh great… Look what have you done belle! You made a dragon faint!
Sweetie belle: Well she was gonna ask that question. And I knew what exactly what she is gonna ask.
Applebloom: It- It can't be that bad, right? I mean there's no other fire-breathing lizards around right now.
Scootaloo: sigh Welp… Guess we could bring her to our hideout and tell her what's going on.
Applebloom: I agree.
Sweetie belle: Me too. In fact maybe this dragon could teach us how to act like dragons if we are going to a place where we meet the other dragons as dragons. I mean Ponies and dragons are different, right? And I've never had an experience as a dragon before. Maybe being a dragon is more exciting than being a pony. Right?
Scootaloo: Being a dragon is more exciting than being a pony? Really? How are we gonna get a cutie-mark if we are dragons? Right, Applebloom?
Applebloom: Yeah. In fact, Sweetie is right. I've never had that experience before too. And also getting a cutie-mark is a lot harder now days. And I'm starting to get tired of it. Crusading to get a cutie-mark is so ridiculous nowadays. We're never going to get a cutie-mark if we keep crusading like this. It's time we change our lives to a better way!
Scootaloo: What? You're giving up crusading already? Changing our lives to a better way? No! We are not giving up until-
Sweetie belle: Umm… sorry to interrupt, but I think Applebloom was right. Maybe this is our chance to change our lives. Besides, We have fingers now! Isn't that exciting?
Scootaloo: No!… looks at her claws Well actually… Yes… sigh there is no way I'm gonna say no to this ,right?

Sweetie and Applebloom nodded

Scootaloo: sigh Ok fine… I give up.
Sweetie belle and Applebloom: YAAAAYY!!! THIS IS THE BEST DAY EVER!!!
Spike: Huh? looks at the CMC Wait… You three decided to give up crusading and change your lives around?

all three nodded

Spike: So… You decided to have a dragon life like me?

all three nodded again

Spike: Huh… That's interesting. I'm pretty sure Princess Ember will be thrilled. But wait… Wh- What about Rarity? What is she gonna react?
Sweetie belle: Don't worry, You will be a replacement of me since now you are a pony. giggles
Spike: What? looks at himself for a moment No… I don't want to be a pony. I'm not gonna live like a pony for the rest of my life. Because 1) How am I gonna send messages to celestia if I don't have fingers and a fire breath. 2) Smolder would really like to see me as a dragon. 3) I was born with dragon-blood and the worst part is that every dragon will laugh at me if I'm a pony.
Sweetie belle: So… You don't want to keep as a pony, right?
Spike: Yeah. So will you find a way to change me back?
Sweetie belle: Ok fine. We will change you back if that's what you wanted.
Spike: Great! Then I'm more happier than ever.
Scootaloo: Alright, So now how are we going to drag that big dragon to our base?
Spike: Maybe you three can carry her since you three became dragons after all.
Scootaloo: Alrighty then. Cutie mark crusaders… Let's carry this big girl up.

so the CMC carried Smolder with their own arms to bring her to their base, Spike also followed them as they carry Smolder to the base.

I'm not sure if I could continue this. But… It's a great concept for a fanfic. :)

#1 Lonk fan
I did a Google Image reverse search, and Google suggested the the title spike x sweetie belle fanfic; the first search result with the most similar title is a dead Deviantart post from the user ChoralSeashell. Maybe they're this image's artist, but I can't tell.