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She likes it hot and steamy, with a whole lotta cream inside. mmmmh
suggestive129713 artist:t72b530 derpibooru exclusive24474 octavia melody22609 earth pony205976 pony856971 beautiful4891 bedroom eyes53215 blushing177923 cute181310 dark4268 female1207411 food62229 looking at you147811 looking over shoulder3195 lying down10441 mare427077 misleading thumbnail1015 mouth hold15553 ponyloaf326 pretty703 raised tail13559 solo982718 tail20924 tavibetes614 tea2850


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oh, you say that, but, somewhere within your self you know you long for it. that deep gnawing curiosity.

and maybe even… two sugars as well

and here she is, offering the way
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