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She likes it hot and steamy, with a whole lotta cream inside. mmmmh
suggestive (111325)artist:t72b (277)derpibooru exclusive (19804)octavia melody (20774)beautiful (3551)bedroom eyes (43673)blushing (151261)cute (144586)dark (3806)earth pony (142709)female (743638)food (49755)looking at you (118006)looking over shoulder (1027)lying down (7692)mare (325664)misleading thumbnail (841)mouth hold (13074)pony (675498)ponyloaf (210)pretty (616)raised tail (11418)solo (865160)tail (14316)tavibetes (345)tea (2516)

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oh, you say that, but, somewhere within your self you know you long for it. that deep gnawing curiosity.

and maybe even… two sugars as well

and here she is, offering the way
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