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There are tribes of north whose hard life was going for centuries under the hungry shadow of an eldrich goddes of hate and cruelty, so the time to pity them had long passed. Now they cannot be bargained with, neither reasoned with. For there is no reason in their crusade, descending like a blizzard from beyond the borders of sanity and compassion. They will find you wherever you will run. And they will not stop, they will not stop until all. Lay. Dead.
safe (1461067)artist:smt5015 (64)earth pony (158792)griffon (22030)pegasus (198899)pony (726369)armor (19371)axe (1354)battle axe (146)black and white (9837)chainmail (176)clothes (366846)fight (5275)gloves (14872)grayscale (31707)helmet (8369)horned helmet (258)monochrome (136789)shield (1843)spear (2006)sword (9660)weapon (23720)


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Griffon on the left must be Gabby’s ancestor, cause she looks excited and adorable even as she’s about to punch that one pony in the face.
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