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Suggestive version of >>2107538 from the pic's description/source.
In previous years our community has come together to achieve great and exciting wonders of kinky literature and art not once but twice in two landmark BDSM anthologies! Not bad for a bunch of kinky fuckers, huh?

This year we want to go even further and push our creative bounds to greater and lewder heights. This year, we're blazing new trails into the CTS anthro universe. This is a brand new world, with no established lore beyond Clocktower Society's three safewords. More CTS sites? More play dungeons? Anthro-specific lore? Kinky new games like footjobs and gasp hand-holding? The possibilities are endless, and you have a chance to help shape it, whether through writing, art, music, voice acting, whatever your passion.

Eager to get stuck in? Click on this link to visit the Anthrology welcome document. You can also catch up with your fellow creators on the CTS discord.
suggestive134828 alternate version39848 artist:manifest harmony415 aloe2528 lotus blossom2673 earth pony222607 anthro244792 plantigrade anthro29789 fanfic:clocktower society307 ankle cuffs595 bdsm6215 bedroom eyes55874 bondage31929 bound together529 bra14945 breasts259810 chains4666 clothes434066 collar30893 cuffs4072 drool23544 drool string5343 female1301952 females only11970 femsub10066 garter647 garters2643 heart nostrils86 implied kissing177 incest12927 kneeling8005 lace749 lesbian92839 linked collars130 looking at you156213 mare448060 nipple piercing5161 nipple ring247 nipples154857 nudity349678 panties48036 pet play3407 pet tag1604 piercing37904 shipping191082 siblings7390 sisters8116 spa pony258 spa twins1302 spacest215 speech3101 submissive15346 tailcuff177 twin sisters76 twincest626 twins2094 underwear57951


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Background Pony #70B0
Welp, there goes my interest in this setting. I am not a fan of anthro fics =/
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