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Edit: Changed her markings around to make her look more like a deer

mew mew mew love her but no steal her

Name: Flutter Shy
Nicknames: Flutters, ShyFly
Parents: Autumn Blaze and Blossom Heart
Siblings: NONE
Gender: Female
Talent: Caring and talking with animals
Age: Adult
Species: 50% Pegasus / 50% deer pony
Sexuality: Demisexual/Panromantic
Relationship status: Married to Big Mac
Children: Caring Heart (oldest) and Sun Rise (youngest)
Occupation: A teacher at Twilight's School of Friendship (part-time) and runs the Ponyvile Sedentary
Hometown: Cloudsdale
Where are they living now? Apple Farm, Ponyville
Personality: Shyness, kind, empathetic, assertiveness, small anger issues,
Likes/Interests: Care giving, animal care,
- Pretty much the show, with a few changes

Facts about them that weren't stated in the bio:
- She knew that her mother had died and that her father had ran away, she had hoped that he had died. She just didnt like her father, he left when she needed him most.

Cutie Mark: Not sure about one

McWolfity with: everything?
OliveOiI with: Here they be
Strawberry-Spritz with:

6-Fingers-Lover with: THIS SWEET ANGEL X3

Base by ElementBases
safe (1525048) artist:owl-clockwork (108) fluttershy (192815) hummingbird (151) pegasus (222389) pony (800052) alternate design (2006) body freckles (766) braid (4553) cloven hooves (8339) dappled (390) female (849927) flower (20708) flower in hair (6108) freckles (23815) mare (389040) simple background (325445) solo (938747) transparent background (169826) unshorn fetlocks (20999)


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