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Even Crystal Prep isn’t spared Twilight’s mishap.

"I don’t know why, but I get this feeling TWILIGHT is somehow behind this."
"If she is, I gotta thank her. I LOVE unicorns!"
"Say, is it getting WARM in here?"
"…" *Faint!*

Oh Cadance… xD

Well, it would seem these love birds- um… love HORSES are going to have quite a day ^^

Eighth follow-up to this ^^

Part 1: >>2075922
Part 2: >>2075736
Part 3: >>2087382
Part 4: >>2093585
Part 5: >>2093590
Part 6: >>2099727
Part 7: >>2100522
Part 8: >>2112630
Part 9: here
Part 10: >>2116077
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Background Pony #034E
Cadance is just excited to have an interesting character design. Seriously, in EqG really won in that department, but some characters really lost.
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