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manes turning into arms? in my derpibooru?

It's more likely than you think!
suggestive131166 artist:askbumpywish454 artist:caecii12 artist:floreflo3005 artist:witchtaunter401 artist:worldofcaitlyn104 limestone pie4682 lyra heartstrings28266 marble pie6103 maud pie11910 pinkie pie206161 oc618053 oc only413320 oc:dori bee2 oc:hypnooco2 human145374 pony870957 unicorn279883 derpibooru6892 :o3475 absurd resolution63963 base used16548 behaving like a dog1290 belly25525 belly on floor157 burnard4 cellphone3001 chest fluff33579 colored pupils8830 cute184015 ear fluff24756 eye clipping through hair4356 female1274869 females only11567 flain9 floppy ears47245 fluffy13080 globert7 hand8008 hyper8848 hyper pregnancy2550 impossibly large belly9421 juxtaposition4685 juxtaposition win3393 krader6 lego1792 looking at something2362 lyrabetes1248 mare433752 meme79314 meta16155 mixels59 niksput5 non-mlp oc2577 open mouth127862 phone5401 pie sisters1158 ponified38703 ponified animal photo560 pregnant12474 shoulder fluff1497 siblings6717 signature20363 sisters7695 solo993836 solo focus15536 star butterfly266 star vs the forces of evil461 teslo9 watermark14587 yes this is dog21


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7 comments posted
Background Pony #73D8
Every time I see that picture, I think she's a ponynapping victim, and she's asking Bon Bon for the ransom. She really shouldn't have followed those humans home so she could study their hands.

Then I notice the phone is missing the cord, and it's the wrong kind of reciever for a cell, and I think it isn't ponynapping at all it's some college kids pulling a prank on her.
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