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Chrysalis and her evil clones?XD (Drew it just when season8 was released, so sad to think that mlp is ending know ;w;) #digitalart #mlp #MLPFiM #mlpfanart #twilightsparkle #rarity #rainbowdash #pinkiepie #fluttershy #applejack #chrysalis
safe1617994 artist:snowillusory135 crackle cosette257 mean applejack255 mean fluttershy220 mean pinkie pie193 mean rainbow dash180 mean rarity249 mean twilight sparkle709 queen chrysalis33408 shutterbug217 alicorn206584 changeling43064 changeling queen13898 earth pony216759 pegasus258086 unicorn286168 the mean 61610 black background4922 camera3699 clone2209 disguise4290 disguised changeling2409 female1287946 gesugao23 glowing horn17752 horn52465 magic68545 mare440293 mean six71 simple background362166 telekinesis25677


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Background Pony #5027
Cool gesugao expressions…

(What's the strange section at the bottom about?)
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