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safe (1411528)artist:nebulafactory (60)starlight glimmer (37242)sunset shimmer (49815)twilight sparkle (257206)oc (517286)oc only (359928)oc:shimmering spectacle (123)3d (50511)abstract background (8911)alicorn (159557)alicorn oc (17469)amazed (131)animated (83855)blender (3498)classical unicorn (3416)cloven hooves (7144)colored wings (4062)colored wingtips (1326)curved horn (4549)cutie mark (32906)flapping (576)flying (29257)fusion (3425)gif (23433)glowing horn (13258)hexagon (42)horn (24285)implied starlight glimmer (286)implied sunset shimmer (244)implied twilight sparkle (1266)leonine tail (5752)looking at something (1790):o (2976)open mouth (102206)perfect loop (712)pony (676554)solo (865931)spread wings (40258)stars (11200)sunset (3814)twilight (astronomy) (566)unicorn (196878)unshorn fetlocks (18300)wings (51165)

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