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NOTE: I did not make these pics. All credit goes to the original artist

Well, I promised I'd make some more of these, so here it is! This one features my favorite swimsuit pics from this guy plus some extra pics thrown in for fun ;). Enjoy!

Also, here's another game for y'all: let me know in the comments as to which of these beauties you would bring on a 2-month tropical seaside vacation. Again, you don't have to explain your reasoning, just let me know.
safe1709609 artist:the-butch-x1508 edit132826 part of a set12154 applejack170169 derpy hooves50202 desert sage147 dj pon-329286 drama letter789 fluttershy212998 lyra heartstrings29591 octavia melody23799 paisley749 pinkie pie216482 rainbow dash234273 rarity182136 sci-twi24341 starlight759 sunset shimmer63172 trixie67594 twilight sparkle300721 vinyl scratch29287 watermelody1016 equestria girls200909 equestria girls series33086 forgotten friendship5372 spring breakdown2702 x marks the spot218 spoiler:eqg series (season 2)14255 adorasexy9808 adorkable3535 applejack's hat7387 armpits42981 arms in the air484 attached skirt154 background human6283 bandeau956 bare shoulders2580 barefoot27619 beach14977 beach babe681 beautiful5589 beautisexy855 belly button78129 beret1964 big breasts82289 bikini18181 bikini babe710 blue eyes5119 blue hair980 blue swimsuit349 blushing198172 bow28745 bow swimsuit73 breasts278395 bustier79 busty applejack10492 busty desert sage35 busty fluttershy17283 busty paisley10 busty rarity12858 busty sci-twi696 busty starlight19 busty sunset shimmer5451 busty twilight sparkle12050 busty vinyl scratch2620 butch's hello129 cap4579 cleavage34656 clothes460747 cloud30812 collage1397 commission68740 compilation549 cowboy hat15932 crepuscular rays2852 crossed legs3211 cute200291 dashabetes9270 derpabetes2671 diapinkes9904 diatrixes3120 diving suit231 dork3807 equestria girls logo799 feet40007 female1365978 freckles28964 frilled swimsuit266 geode of shielding2216 geode of super speed2463 geode of super strength2170 geode of telekinesis2940 glasses62085 grin38685 hand on hip6233 hands in lap10 happy31297 hat87082 headphones7803 hello x129 jewelry64018 legs8413 lens flare1799 looking at you169171 lyrabetes1371 magical geodes8881 midriff19362 necklace18857 one-piece swimsuit4449 open mouth146470 part of a series2591 peace sign2950 pearl necklace1279 pink swimsuit235 ponytail17967 pretty747 purple swimsuit261 raribetes5417 sageabetes8 sarong1033 sexy29530 shimmerbetes4396 shorts14021 shyabetes13861 signature24927 sitting63429 skirt39856 sky14227 smiling249401 speedpaint available395 stetson5006 striped swimsuit230 stupid sexy fluttershy1074 stupid sexy rainbow dash2626 stupid sexy rarity1253 summer sunset225 sun hat948 sunglasses14514 sunlight1090 sunshine246 swimsuit28343 tavibetes661 thighs13756 tricolor swimsuit117 twiabetes11796 underass2523 vinylbetes668 wall of tags3104 waving2957 wetsuit764 white swimsuit132 windswept hair202


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Sunset, AJ, and Twilight, in descending order of priority. I can see we're not limited to just one this time, but if there is a limit of 1/2/3 I already know who I'm definitely picking.